Integra Associates is celebrating 25 years

We can hardly believe it ourselves, it seems like it was only yesterday that it was 1995 and we were starting out with just 1% of the UK population having access to the internet.

In those 25 years though, we have learnt a few things about Unit4 ERP and business in general, which we'd like to share with you below...

25 years 15 lessons we have learnt

Long term customer relationships are great

Many of our first customers from back in 1995 are still our customers (and even our friends) now, meaning we have an unrivalled knowledge of their system-set up and business processes, demonstrating the true value of long-term customer relationships.

Never underestimate end user workshops or training

No matter how brilliant your system set-up is, you will only be able to achieve maximum benefits from it if your users are fully trained on how to use your system.

Often because workshops and training sessions take place at the end of projects, some customers are tempted to get them over and done with as quick as possible, but in our experience they are one of the most important facets of any successful project.

Hire brilliant people

We pride ourselves on our industry leading services and solutions, which is only possible thanks to our fantastic team.

We go out of our way to make sure we hire brilliant people that complement the existing skills of our team, ensuring we can offer expertise and a friendly face at every stage of your project.

Team days are fun

How do you make sure those skilled, brilliant people you employ stay with you? You make sure you support them, and do fun things like team days out!

Unit4 keep on delivering

During our 25 years, we have worked with a number of other ERP systems. Consistently though, we have found Unit4 ERP to be the strongest, which is in no small part down to its proven track record of innovation.

We have come a long way since the greenscreen Ingres database versions of 1995.

Customers love being able to rely on you

Like most industries, our customers love it when we deliver exactly what we said we were going to do. Naturally then, we make this our aim, although don't take our word for it, see what our customers say!

"Integra deliver what they promise at a very reasonable price"

and also make the most of your expertise

We try our best to share all the latest Unit4 ERP news, information, tips, events and solutions. You can view our efforts for yourself by signing up to our updates.

but remember to embrace two-way relationships

Although sharing our expertise is important, we think listening to our customers is even more important. This helps to ensure that we can deliver solutions that suit the specific needs of our customers. Oh look, another happy customer:

"Integra is great at interpreting what we need and suggesting a solution to resolve our issue"

The right partner can make all the difference

The right partner for your project is not only one that is an official Unit4 partner, but is one that has a wide-range of skills and experiences.

This helps to ensure that no matter the stage or requirements of your project, you can continue to rely on one partner throughout who possesses everything you need to make your project a success.

User days and conferences are tiring but great

Over the years, we have relished the opportunity to meet so many of you at events like our User Days and Unit4 conferences. They also gave us the chance to raise money for some incredible charities.

even if The World's Largest Pacman uses a lot of electricity

We're still sorry Manchester Central Conference Centre for taking your electricity down for a few minutes in 2017.

Branding changes a lot over 25 years

Unit4 ERP has come a long way since the Agresso bull, but so have many things, including a company called Amazon who's website looked this when it was launched in 1995 (I wonder how they are getting on?)

You have to keep innovating

Business software is a fast-paced game, which means you have to keep learning and developing if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

We're continuously making sure our team are kept abreast of the latest technology from Unit4, while we also continue to work on our ever-growing popular range of cost-effective system development add-ons. You must have seen them?

Global pandemics are scary

We've been through a lot of different things as a business over the last 25 years, but these last few months have been some of the most challenging.

On a positive note though, we are constantly amazed by the creativity and perseverance of our customers and staff, who have kept trying to make the best of this extremely challenging situation.

but thankfully more than 1% of the UK has internet now

Some things, such our commitment to providing expert Unit4 ERP services and solutions, haven't changed since 1995.

Thankfully though, some things have, because where would we have been these last few months without the likes of Teams and Zoom. Fax anyone?

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